Saturday, 1 March 2014

Having fun with folded books

What a great time I had today running the second part of my book folding workshop at our local gallery.  Last week, all the books were folded and this Saturday the decorating began.  As you can see here, there was plenty going on (it looks a bit like my table when I'm crafting!)

This is Alan, Jan and Sally looking very intent on their decorating!

Then these are Mary, Katie and another Mary having a fit of the giggles over theirs!  As you can see, its a lovely, light and airy room to work in with a nice fire and we were kept supplied with coffee and cakes too.

Two hours went by very quickly and here are some of the finished books.  The others were taken off to be finished and pictures promised when they are done.

This is Sally's "sewing theme" book.  I love the ribbon at the front and her great choice of embellishments.

This is Alan''s "medical oddities" theme.  My pic is a bit dark but it was a very interesting theme made in an old medical book full of the strangest photographs!

Mary's "Russian travel" theme included a great collection of memorabilia from a recent trip there and was actually created in a book all about Russia.  Love the doll bookmarks!

And this is Katie's "travel" theme book and she did the printing of the old steam train on a book page - it looked great.  I'll let you see the other two when I get the pics but I hope you've enjoyed seeing these.  Amazing how they all turned out so differently.  Hope you are enjoying the weekend and manage to get some time to craft yourselves.  Thanks so much for popping in to see me.  Margie x


  1. Very cool . You do so many neat things.

  2. These folded books are fascinating! Wish I could have attended your workshop!

  3. I love this work you are doing with books Margie - they all look amazing. I'm very sure everyone had fun and was thrilled with results. Nicola x

  4. These books are fantastic! I really love your folded books. Learning to do this is on my list of things I must do!

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  6. These are gorgeous, must have a go at this too. Thank you for the lovely comment about Spike on

  7. Fantastic - everyone must have been so thrilled with the projects they took home!
    Alison x

  8. Oh wow Margie, these creations are just incredible. It must be so much fun making these. I love the medical oddities one, great use of my favourite Chemist stamp! You are obviously an excellent teacher! Hugs, Anne x