Thursday, 21 March 2013

Garden ladies

I've been asked to do a little workshop in April for a group of ladies who belong to a nearby Flower Club.  They don't have much in the way of funds so I had to think of something quite easy but attractive and inexpensive for them all to make - I think there will be between 20 and 30 of them.  The other thing is that I'll probably only have about 45 minutes and didn't want to do something that required them waiting to use tools.

So I came up with the idea of a seed packet holder which would fit in with their hobby and also produce a neat little gift to hold any spare seeds they might like to give to a friend.  I have to thank Sarah for the original idea for one holder and then I fiddled about a bit to produce the second, even easier, one.  See what you think!

The stamps are from a gorgeous Oxford Impressions set called Le Jardin which my blogging friend Lynne introduced me to.  She makes the most gorgeous creations and you need to pop over there if you haven't seen her work before.  This stamp set contains three photo quality stamps (the lady on the left is one) which print beautifully on semi-gloss card.  You can get Oxford Impressions stamps at That's Crafty but be warned, you'll find it difficult to choose!

So, I reckon if I cut the card (2 from a sheet of A4), score it then provide them with dst, ribbon, a few bits of lace, a few paper flowers and a pile of stamped pieces for them to choose from, it will be quite a nice little project.  I'm meeting up with their Chairman on Monday and hope I can persuade her to provide the seed packets LOL.  I'd be very interested in anything similar any of you have done with a group this size that went really well - thanks for popping over to see me.


  1. Lovely idea Margie! These are gorgeous - they will be very inspired and happy to make some I am sure. The largest group I have ever taught was 5 can't really give any words of advice just will say have fun with it. Can't wait to hear how it goes! I am sure you will be wonderful - Enjoy! Much love and huge hugs as always Laura xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. That is alot of people to teach and use toold in 45 minutes. I like your idea. It would be nice for Mothers Day and Easter.....althought you have already had your Mothers Day. I will check out those stamps. Jilli Bean is having a big sale tomorrow. Trying to decide to drive the hour there and one hour back or shop online. There also is a Memorial Expo going on in the capitol but I went to that last year and there were too many people and too much stuff. Good luck.

  3. Great idea margie I'm sure the ladies with enjoy making them....The stamped images are perfect. Another lovely project. Hugs brenda