Monday, 21 January 2013

Cake, anyone?

Hee, hee - I've really enjoyed making these little cakes for a sketch our Women's Institute is putting on for the village concert in February.  The idea will be that the cakes get thrown into the audience during the sketch which should provide some laughter, even if our acting and singing abilities aren't so good!  Got a few more to make but I've had to move the plate somewhere safe because one of my dogs thinks they look just too tempting.

The snow is still falling and is about 8 inches deep in our garden.  Good excuse to stay indoors by the fire but we are all getting a little stir-crazy.  Hope it clears by the weekend and we can get out for a nice walk.  Hope everyone who has snow is keeping cozy and warm.  


  1. we had just a dusting of snow today and it's really cold. Huge beautiful snowflakes came down. in nearby cities there were several big car pileups due to white outs. Strange. You stay warm.

  2. Love these - what a fabulous idea! If I was in the audience you wouldn't get them back! :)