Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Home is where the heart(h) is ...

Hello again!  Back with my latest altered book in the 12-month worldwide round robin I joined in January.  Getting much more confident about working in other people's books now and this one, entitled "Home" was right up my street LOL.  My first spread was inspired by a very lovely old reference book I picked up at a collectables fair for just £1.  Its called Home Lover's Encyclopedia published in 1933 and has some wonderful illustrations, one of which I used for the background.

The words are cut from magazine pages and the stamps are from a lovely new Eclectica 3 set from Sara Naumann for PaperArtsy (ESN01) which I'm finding very useful for my book art.

My second spread in the book was a bit more complicated.  I wanted to do a little folded house made from Tim Holtz Artful Dwellings die which worked brilliantly until I tried to close the book.  Ooops - too thick, so I cut the house in half and divided it between the two pages and now it pulls out on both sides and I think it looks fine.  See what you think.

The words are meant to signify the lengthy process of turning our old cottage into a home and we are now 37 years into a 10 year project so things don't move very fast round here!  The brass pieces in the pics are from my hubby's collection in his den and I just grabbed what I could to support my book.

Really enjoyed working on this book and its now on its way to Australia for the next participant.  Its costing a lot to send each book (over £11) so I'm thinking of setting up a UK-only based altered book round robin next year so if anyone would like to play along, please let me know and hopefully we'll get enough people to make it work.  Thanks so much for stopping by and looking at my work.  Margie x


  1. Amazing. I love this idea. It's just beautiful.

  2. Hi Margie, I love both sets of pages and that was such a clever idea to make the houses pull out like that, they look brilliant.

    I am not sure it will cost much less to post things in the UK but I would love to participate (I don't do much journaling though so hope that's OK) if you do a UK one. Good luck getting the house project back on track! Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Gorgeous work, love the idea of a uk round robin

  4. They look amazing Margie - beautiful work and fabulously tactile. Nicola x

  5. They are really lovely Margaret, I've been talking to Gloria and she's had a look and we would both be interested in doing this (and in Denwick as well!)