Friday, 5 April 2013

Moving story

Well it seems like ages since I last blogged but things have been so hectic moving into my very own craft room!  I decided to take over the smallest bedroom which was just being used as a store room and its just brilliant having my own space.  The only problem is finding anything......   I thought I wouldn't label any of my lovely new boxes until I was certain where everything was going - big mistake!  After looking through at least 6 boxes before I find what I want, I really need to spend time getting those labels written now.

I haven't had much time for crafting but here's a couple of altered envelopes I made for a swap.

Although it doesn't show so much on the picture, I made a bit of a mess of the pink one by using the wrong glue to add the dressform I had stamped on pattern tissue.  Wondered why it wouldn't stick properly then when I tried to press it down, it all came away in bits - boo hoo!  Realised my mistake and started again using Mod Podge and this time it worked perfectly although there was a bit of a shiny patch left.  Hope she thinks its all part of the design LOL

Hoping to spend a lot more time in my room - much better than the dining room table.

Thanks so much for coming over to see what I've been up to.


  1. Wow - altered envelopes -- one of the many things I've never thought of doing! I especially like the first one -- just wondering if you "use" envelopes like this or are they more of a collection you build?

  2. These are stunning Margie - so creative. Enjoy your new space! :)xx

  3. Hi Margie
    I recognise those words on envelope no. 1!!!! I was using them myself not so long ago.
    Beautiful altered envelopes, such a wonderful idea.

  4. Gorgeous envelopes - they are wonderful! I want to make one just so I can swap and get one of your fantastic envelopes! Lots of love and hugs Laura xxxxxxxxx