Saturday, 16 June 2012

Seedsman's purse mystery

Now here's a picture of a paper "Seedsman's purse" I made ages ago and forgot all about posting.  I can remember the name of the tutorial because it was so unusual and I really liked how it turned out but I can't remember where I saw it and of course, the piece has been sent off to a friend at the other end of the country so I can't have a look to see how it was folded.  I wonder if anyone recognises it?    It was made from one sheet of 12x12 paper and formed a neat little pocket to hold some goodies which was then closed with the flap and tie at the top. 
Thanks again for your kind comments - I really do appreciate them.  Margie x


  1. I've not seen one of these before. I really like how the butterfly sits.

  2. So prettily decorated. I've not seen this fold before :)x